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My wife Angie is in her thirties and we have almost 15 years. Like many men often have of her with other men. Until recently fantasized married, although talk is always in bad taste. For me, ask the other guys to do that 'accidentally' topless on hotels and vacations, etc. see but never... In fact, apart from a 'real ' boyfriend in front of me, I was the only man to have to see her naked. recent months, although it began to enter my coversations about her and another guy... to improve our sex lifereally... Then he said he was a man named Andy at work, who invited her to go on hold. I was very surprised. She said she never and will never.. unless I agreed. I could not believe it, but I found a ride on somone... she said himmm by.... We have used his name and he fantasizes about when we made love was intrigued... She loved it. One day, when we were at work.. It was not planned, we had a bit of an argument, and said they neverything anyway.... Picked up the phone teenel and asked Andy about... I felt sick to my stomach... He was just entering the... Watch 17th was almost 00 and the dark anymore. Angie changed in just the socks / belt and suspenders and bra. I was so excited but teenel almost sick at the thought of what I could do..... She said to go to the terrace... It was cold, but I was too excited to notice. From the terrace you can see in the living room, but you can see in the dark. As soon as he entered, French kissing.. hands on them. She knelt down and pulled his trousers and pants down.... his cock was huge and heavy. Angie licked her head and then sucked all... He blew at the same time..... I was married for two years before it !......... I That unclipped her bra and her breasts swollen fell... He pulled it and pulled the straps..... He pushed her on the couch in front of the terrace, knelt before her and began licking her pussy.. I moved much closewr the patio windows.. She looked at me and said,God, damn...... He duly obliged Andy... He was so hard to push back the sofa moved about a foot... I saw teenel his cock teenel was screaming that bigger is better that he had... Within aminute brought my wife to orgasm, shooting his heavy load on your... I could see everything dripping on the couch. was a strange feeling... Jealousy, the enthusiasm, but I knew she still loved my wife teenel and always
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